#200: Female Entrepreneurs Guide: Mindset Shifts For Success

personal brand scaling up Oct 26, 2023


Are you facing the daunting gap between where you are now and where you aspire to be in your business?

In this compelling episode, a fellow entrepreneur shares her extraordinary journey, from her childhood dream of becoming a millionaire to navigating a challenging career shift and finding strength through faith. Delve into the secrets of early-stage and later-stage entrepreneurship gaps, discover how to build belief, and witness the transformation from a budding CEO to a powerful leader impacting countless lives. Join us on this riveting exploration of empowerment, growth, and the pursuit of the impossible.

Today's guest, Judy Weber, Esq., a Business Coach & Scaling Strategist, is on mission to normalize miraculous results for Christian women in business. Her extensive corporate experience (winning trials in the courtroom as an attorney and leading senior level management in the boardroom as a c-suite executive) is unparalleled in the business coaching & advisory marketplace.  

Her proprietary business growth & scaling methodologies have helped 100s of service-based business owners build lucrative businesses, with simplicity & joy. Judy is committed to helping 1000 women make their 1st $100K and 100 women scale toward 7 figures by 2025.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 


Learn How You Can Bridge the Gap in Your Business

  • [02:04] Her journey: from dream to reality 
  • [08:28] Importance of being a leader with what God has given me
  • [12:31] Bridging the gap as early stage entrepreneurs to grow the business  
  • [15:23] Bridging the gap as later stage entrepreneurs to scale the business, but work less
  • [19:28] What is the different mindset that we need to have in these 2 stages
  • [22:45] Judy shares her mindset success 5 day training series 


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