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That empowers YOU, the Christ-Centered Entrepreneurs to Grow & Scale Your Business Elegantly 
with Identity-Aligned Positioning, Compassion-Driven Marketing, and Confidence-Fueled Selling.

Elegantly /ˈɛlɪɡ(ə)ntli/

in a pleasingly ingenious and simple manner

Mastering Growth Mindset.   Profit Styles™.  Brand Stories.

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Considering this: Out of 7-billion human beings on earth, you found me here, I am both humbled and honoured! And guess what? It isn't by accident, either.

Chances are You’ve invested so much money, time and resources into your business but are not seeing the traction and results you expected.

It seems there is always new tech, new platforms and new strategy to consider.

In spite of the long hours you have spent in front of your screen, the many webinars you’ve attended, there seems to be little or no progress in this “calling” you sensed God bestowed on you.

You have seen others succeed and felt frustrated when you have more experience, expertise and knowledge. You felt let down and came close to throwing in the towel and saying goodbye to this “leverage the internet and build a lifestyle business” thing..

And as a Christian in the marketplace, sometimes you feel like second class citizen in the online world.  Not sure what to say or do to avoid offending people.  You try hard to blend in, water down your brilliance, knowledge, and insights;  hoping that you can be part of the “cooler” crowd…because you have heard and experienced way too many “NOs” !
Katrina Douglas | The Launch Strategist

"You cannot fix what you cannot see!  The program literally changed EVERYTHING for me!

I've generated my highest retainer fee during the pandemic!"

Craig Pickerill|Kingdom Vision Architect

"The Best Investment ever for my business! Finally I stopped being stuck.

I was able to set up my new coaching program & started enrolling new clients through the process!"

Michelle Mays|Chief Concierge of Luxury Wedding Planning

"When God asked me to do something new in my industry, it was scary!   I am so thankful to have Kelly, a Spirit-led coach to guide me and the process of the program indeed has positioned me as the Market of One in my field!

Before all the great-looking photos you see here on the website, 

 all the glamour connections with my podcast VIPs (They really rock, check them out),

 all the well sought-after status, and $$$ revenue generated,

 all the raving reviews from clients,

 all the hard-earned coaching/consulting certification (1000 hours+ real-life coaching sessions)

all the exciting travels experienced,

 all the fancy leather office chairs in the Executive Office (my former corporate life)
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What the naysayers didn’t know though…with Grace and Gumption, Each "NO" became an INVITATION to me!


YOU- the Esther or the Joseph who has been called to make a difference in the marketplace, can also build a profitable business of influence and impact...if

You are willing to finally stop circling the bottom of the mountain (Your comfort zone) and become equipped to climb to the summit; as it requires more than just prayers!

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Official Bio:

Kelly equips Christian coaches & consultants and service providers to create profitable businesses by establishing their PREEMINENT positioning in the marketplace, so they can finally become the influential change-makers they are called to be!


Mastering Growth Mindset.  Profit Styles™. Brand Stories.
Empowering Sales Conversation. Servant Leadership.  Value Proposition.


Kelly’s approach to individual identity-aligned success has made her a sought after-speaker on renowned stages like Tedx Basel, Youpreneur Summit, Agency Transformation, and John C Maxwell Certification event.

She also hosts a top-ranked podcast - Christian CEO Podcast since 2016.


Kelly is a certified business and leadership coach by ICF, John C Maxwell Team, and Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs. She has coached and mentored entrepreneurs and organization leaders in 4 continents since 2008.  Before her entrepreneurial journey, she was one of the highest-paid women corporate executives in the luxury hospitality industry in her 30s. 


She has been featured in industry-leading publications and podcasts like The Huffington Post, Youpreneur FM, Eternal Leadership, Stewarding Your Influence, Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs, and many more.


Kellys book: A Little Girl Called Grace was Amazon Bestseller in 2012.


Kelly is happily married, has two lovely adult children, and after traveling the globe, she and her family have now settled in Switzerland.



Chris Ducker Founder, Youpreneur.com

Kelly is the "PROFESSIONAL LEADER" personified.

Her commitment to her clients as well as her focus on getting them the results they strive for is unwavering. 
Simply put, she was born to coach and lead!
Mike Kim

Mike Kim, Personal Branding Expert, Speaker, Bestselling Author

Kelly's is a brilliant business strategist and marketing consultant


My friend Kelly, a brilliant business strategist, and marketing consultant. She is one of just a handful of people in the world who I have said yes to partner together and teach some of the content that I've taught over the last several years, working with some of the top business thought leaders in their marketing and their branding.


She's incredibly dedicated. She's brilliant. She carries with her just years and years of experience in this space.


If you ever thought about working with Kelly, you've been on the fence. This is my way of saying do it. You are going to be in great hands with her and you are going to see incredible results in your business.


If you got any questions about Kelly, I'd be happy to put my name on the line to support her.

Want to know WHY I am so committed to what I am doing? It all started when God showed up in my kitchen (pretty literally) in November 2017...