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Book Kelly for Your Podcast 

Hi there! Thanks For Your Interest In Having Me On Your Podcast! 

As both a professional communicator and podcaster, I understand the important role guests play in the success of your show.


I’ve been featured on a number of podcasts including Brand You with Mike Kim, Youpreneur FM with Chris Ducker, Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs with Shae Bynes, and The Real Personal Branding Podcast with Lauren V. Davis.


To have me on your show, feel free to click the button on this page or Email me HERE  your booking link. I will be happy to send a press kit, suggested interview questions, and all headshots and social media automatically when you book!

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Possible Topics

  • Power Of one Framework™: The Fastest & Sustainable Way to Position You As The "Market Of ONE" Choice, Attract The Right Type Of Clients, and Scale Up Your Business.


  • 4D of Breakthrough for the Marketplace™: The #1 Spiritual Foundation to success in business and life.


  • The Fastest Way to Master Your Focus, Multiply Your Results, and Gain an Unfair Advantage to build a Profitable Personal Brand Based Business.


  • Confidence-Fueled Sales Conversation: Why Salesmanship is Leadership.


  • Go Fishing With Jesus™:  How Christian Business leaders can utilize the principle of Compassion Driven Marketing™ to create their profitable and impactful businesses and thrive above their competition.



Kelly is the CEO of Influential Entrepreneurs, LLC. 

A Kingdom-Advancing Leadership Development Company that empowers you, the Christ-Centered Entrepreneurs to Grow & Scale Your Business Elegantly
 with Identity-Aligned Positioning, Compassion-Driven Marketing, and Confidence-Fueled Selling.  

Click HERE to download BIO and Headshot- also the pronunciation of Kelly's last name:) 


Mastering Growth Mindset.  Profit Styles™. Brand Stories. 
Empowering Sales Conversation. Servant Leadership.  Value Proposition. 


Kelly’s approach to individual identity aligned success has made her a sought after-speaker on renowned stages like Tedx Basel, Youpreneur Summit, Agency Transformation, and John C Maxwell Certification event. 

She also hosts a top-ranked podcast - Christian CEO Podcast since 2016. 

Kelly is a certified business and leadership coach by ICF, John C Maxwell Team, and Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs. She has coached and mentored entrepreneurs and organization leaders in 4 continents since 2008. 

She has been featured in the industry-leading publication and podcasts like The Huffington Post, Youpreneur FM, Eternal Leadership, Stewarding Your Influence, Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs, and many more. 

Kelly’s book:A Little Girl Called Grace was Amazon Bestseller in 2012. 

Kelly is happily married, has two lovely adult children, and after traveling the globe, she and her family have now settled in Switzerland. 

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