#195: Mastering Sales: How to Have a Sales Conversation Effectively

biblical business principles personal brand speaking & communication Jul 11, 2023


Ever found yourself caught in this loop? 🙋🏽‍♀️

You're well aware that your focus should be on generating sales, yet you invariably find yourself doing anything but! Perhaps you're caught in a constant cycle of redesigning your website or rearranging your workspace, all while those profit-driving tasks are left unattended.

Or maybe, you've dabbled in various sales conversation techniques, even bought a few 'script' manuals, only to realize they don't resonate with your authentic self. And so, overwhelmed, you abandon them altogether.

Sound familiar? If you've found yourself nodding along, then this episode might just be the breakthrough you've been searching for.

Our guest today is Justin Janowski, founder of Faith2Influence, and the maestro behind hundreds of success stories, guiding coaches from different walks of life to build their dream businesses from the ground up. Driven by his faith, he founded Faith2Influence to help people learn what it takes to turn coaching into a profitable business venture. Justin has guided Christian and non-Christian coaches alike through the rewarding process of optimizing business models, pricing, and sales strategies so that they can scale their income alongside their impact. He has a passion for sharing this process with emerging entrepreneurs to help them simplify and grow their businesses the right way. Justin currently lives in Milwaukee with his beautiful wife, Kara, and their playful kiddos, Grace and Gavin.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 


Here you can watch the full video :)

Learn How You Can Have an Effective Sales Conversation

  • [05:18] Justin's entrepreneurial journey
  • [07:57] How was he able to achieve $250k in his first year?
  • [11:05] Getting clients: how did he attract them in the early years of his business
  • [16:29] 10 step process to structure his sales calls
  • [23:36] Persistent followup sales without being pushy: how to do it?
  • [29:12] What % of those booked for a followup call will/will not show up?
  • [32:18] Nuggets of wisdom about sales leadership


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