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Courageous Christ-Centered female founders to experience the unwavering love of God and the electrifying rush of unleashing your full potential to soar to your highest level of Influence and Profit!

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Identity-Aligned Positioning

Compassion-Driven Marketing

Confidence-Fueled Selling

Katrina Douglas | The Launch Strategist

"You cannot fix what you cannot see!  The program literally changed EVERYTHING for me!

I've generated my highest retainer fee during the pandemic!"

Craig Pickerill|Kingdom Vision Architect

"The Best Investment ever for my business! Finally I stopped being stuck.

I was able to set up my new coaching program & started enrolling new clients through the process!"

Michelle Mays|Chief Concierge of Luxury Wedding Planning

"When God asked me to do something new in my industry, it was scary!   I am so thankful to have Kelly, a Spirit-led coach to guide me and the process of the program indeed has positioned me as the Market of One in my field!

Identity-Aligned Positioning

Yes! I'm Ready to Align & Thrive!
God's statements about who we are always undergirded His commands about what we should do.

Until we know who we are, we can't do what we should.

The deeper self-awareness you are willing to accept, the faster you will grow!


We will show you how to be free from the imposter syndrome & noises of comparison; reclaim your focus & divine positioning as the Market of One choice in the field God has called you to serve!

Compassion-Driven Marketing

Yes! I'm Ready to Attract my Ideal Client
Kingdom principles are all about people. Your ideal clients are waiting for you to show up. You might think: I have been looking for them, I am right here!


To be able to attract your ideal clients goes way beyond understanding their Demographics & Psychographics.


We will show you the most effective & sustainable path to not only communicate with your ideal clients but connect well with them.  

So you can stay on top of their mind as the trusted advisor.

Confidence-Fueled Selling

Yes! I'm Ready to Sell Confidently!
Your client's transformation mostly only happens after the transaction - their investment in your service/program.

It's the spiritual law of sowing & reaping.
Or for psychology - They pay to pay attention.
Hence it's Your job to learn how to offer the opportunity to work with you Confidently.


We will show you the proven process to establish the Christ-Centered Confidence to lead & sell.  So you can multiply your revenue elegantly!

From a little girl born of a mistress – abandoned and abused – to one of the highest-paid females in the hospitality industry fighting for a seat in the boardroom – to an entrepreneurial mentor who impacts lives globally. This is the synopsis of God’s 55-year bootcamp journey for Kelly to date.  


Through her highly-praised Group Mastermind, One-On-One VIP Mentoring Programs, “Power Of One Framework™ Program, 4D to Breakthrough in the Marketplace™, Christian CEO Podcast, and the Amazon Best-Selling Book – A Little Girl Called Grace she proves that anyone can build a life and business they love by taking the actions towards to what God has invited you to partner with. 


And now, she is on a mission to create a legacy with her daughter- Sarah, through SheInherited Founders Academy to empower Christ-Centered female founders to fulfill their marketplace calling!
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