#176: To Leverage Your Past - How to Change Your Mindset

biblical business principles intentional productivity Feb 03, 2023


When you look at some of your past obstacles, how did you view them?

Did you think that they were problems or frustrations and needed to be dealt with, or did you see it as a chance to show what you are capable of?

In the episode, I share my own personal journey of doubts and relentless "NOs" that I was told time and time again, and the 2 questions that you should ask yourself when you get stuck or are facing an obstacle in your path.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 


Here is a video version of the podcast episode :)


Learn How You Can View Your Past in a Different Perspective...

  • [00:43] Introduction
  • [02:20] Several Nos that Kelly heard time and time again
  • [04:25] How those Nos became Yeses
  • [06:41] Question for you to think about


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