#199: Mothers as Leaders: Harnessing Your Leadership Potential

leadership Sep 14, 2023


Oftentimes, the skills we develop from being mothers aren't recognized or realized for what their worth. Yet it's these skills that make mothers, experts in leadership.

In today's podcast episode, we dive into the world of leadership, focusing on the important role mothers play as leaders. Our guest today shares her personal journey of overcoming challenges, showing how being a mother has equipped her with valuable leadership skills. We discuss how leadership isn't just about the business world, but also about the essential leadership role mothers have within their families. Not only does this conversation highlight the powerful impact mothers have on their children and society as leaders; but also touches on the importance of finding one's purpose and daily habits that help develop leadership qualities.

Today's guest, Angela Linville overcame domestic abuse and endured years in toxic relationships. A single mother of four, she juggled three jobs and returned to college at 38. After studying diverse fields at Grand Canyon University, she embraced online marketing, focusing on human behavior and buyer psychology. Angela now coaches others to amplify their online presence.

Featured in events and podcasts like the Unlock Your Beautiful Masterpiece Summit, Hope Unlocked Podcast, and A Simply Intentional Life, she's set to speak at theTop 1% Conference soon. Angela, an upcoming author of "Letters to My Daughters: Whispers from God," is now a mother to eight, married to her childhood friend, Thomas. They reside on a Missouri cattle ranch, cherishing nature, adventures, and community service.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 


Learn How You Can Utilize Your Leadership Skills

  • [03:14] Angela's inspiring journey from overcoming domestic abuse to becoming a leader
  • [06:32] Leadership is developed, not necessarily innate
  • [10:14] The steps to uncover and embrace your unique God-given calling in life
  • [15:24] The importance of alignment with your purpose and knowing when you're out of alignment
  • [21:20] Examples of leadership in various spheres of influence, from family to business and beyond
  • [25:44] Daily habits and routines to stay connected with your calling
  • [29:20] Angela shares a personal example of her journey and the transformative STOPP method


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