#197: Marketing Strategies For Self Published Authors

speaking & communication Jul 25, 2023


Are you a self-published author or about to become one?

If so, you will love to this episode. Recently, I've been getting quite a bit questions about marketing and publishing books as I had published a book a while back in 2012 (A Little Girl Called Grace). It's about my own personal journey and my walk with the Lord and so I felt led to bring this snippet of an interview I did a while back with my good friend Lindsey. In this condensed version, you will learn about the three components that you need to promote your book and when you should be working on these separate components. Let me give you a hint, the answer may surprise you. Also, if you enjoy this shorter version, I really suggest you to check out the full interview in the link below.

Today's guest, Lindsey Hartz is the owner, lead marketing consultant and book launch strategist at the Hartz Agency, a boutique marketing firm for authors dedicated to creating strategic marketing campaigns that help words transform lives. 

Her background in corporate and digital marketing and project management, her graduate degrees in business and project management, and her marketing campaign and book launch work with hundreds of bestselling authors, speakers, consultants, and publishers provide the backbone for the skills and experience she brings to the table.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 


Here you can watch the highlight :)

Learn What The 3 Key Components for Promoting Your Book Are

  • [04:35] - Component #1: Preparation
  • [06:58] - Component #2: Partners
  • [08:03] - Component #3: Promotion
  • [10:05] - Bonus Question: Ideal way to incorporate these components into a timeline


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