Running a Faith Based Business Boldly with Jaime Cross

biblical business principles finance & wealth scaling up Sep 01, 2020

 September 1, 2020 by Kelly

Do you ever wish that you could have a billion dollar business idea?

What if I told you that it was easier than you thought, that it was within your reach?

As today's guest speaker says, if she can do it, so can you.

Today's guest is Jaime Cross, who as the CEO of MIG Living, was able to bring her business from selling handmade soaps at farmer's markets to an eight figure online business, and even have 200% growth since the onset of the pandemic, she knows a thing or two about asking God for a billion dollar business idea and executing it!

As scary as it was to embark on her entrepreneurial journey, Jaime found that with market research and the utilization of social media, MIG Living was able to explode into the True Beauty movement that it leads today.

Not only does she share her journey to the billion dollar business idea, but she also gives us a few tips about building a business from the ground and reassures us that it's totally normal to not grow so quickly at the beginning!


Learn how Jaime's Journey Has Shaped Her Business...

  • Jaime shares how she got to the point where she asked God for the billion dollar business idea
  • Why being faithful in the little moments matter
  • Jaime reassures us to not worry if our business is not growing so fast at the beginning
  • She describes how she pivoted her business in reaction to the recent pandemic The mistake that she has learned the most from
  • Jaime explains how she keeps herself accountable and driven so that she doesn't feel overwhelmed
  • It is important for your business to have a solid foundation of values and here's a few tips on how to implement God's principles into any business 
  • Why it is so important that you take action in response to God's call for your business


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