Storytelling For Youth with Clement Townsend

speaking & communication Aug 18, 2020
August 18, 2020 by Kelly

Are you worried that you haven't prepared your children enough for the jobs of tomorrow?

What if I told you that while nothing is guaranteed, there is one skill that everyone, not just the next generation needs in order to be successful?

As today's guest speaker has covered the Super Bowl, an NBA All-Star game, three College Football National Championship Games, the NCAA Basketball tournament, and so much more for 17 years as a sports broadcaster, he knows a thing or two about the art of storytelling.

Clement Townsend knows firsthand what types of skills are necessary to make in the journalism world, however these soft skills, such as writing, speaking and storytelling, are also applicable to any other field. For while today's youth are tech savvy with social media, their in person communication skills can be a bit lacking and Clement has the answer how to improve those!

He, himself grew up in a working class neighborhood with the ambition and drive to succeed and make his own mark; and he did that indeed! Now he turns to the next generation as they are coming of age and starting to enter the workplace and wants to equip them with the skills necessary to master storytelling with video and develop their critical thinking skills.


Learn how Clement's Journey Has Shaped His Business...

  • Clement elaborates on the differences between good and bad storytelling

  • Then he explains how to properly teach storytelling 

  • Why soft skills are important and how storytelling can help you stand out!

  • Clement details common challenges that young people have in today's ever changing modern world and how they differ from past generations

  • How soft skills like storytelling can be applied to any field or industry that you or your young adult is interested in


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