How To Get Your Customers To Complete The Course with Dr Carrie Rose

intentional productivity leadership personal brand Jun 16, 2020

June 16, 2020 by Kelly

What do you think/feel when people don't finish one of the courses that they bought from you?

If you're like me, it's always a sad moment to see that completion rate figure. Why? Because you know that they have the potential to succeed, but for one reason or anther they don't continue... But there's a way to boost your completion course rate

Today, I am interviewing Dr. Carrie Rose about her methods and tips that she uses to engage with her clients which contributes to her 96% completion course rate. We also chatted about how she overcame her learning disabilities and became inspired to find a better way of learning for children and adults alike!

You may wonder how did she figure it out? Well, Dr. Carrie Rose is an #1 Best Selling Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, & Keynote Speaker, Thinkific Expert, and notably one of Huffington Posts Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs.

She holds an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Florida, wrote her doctoral dissertation on Professional Development, and is best known for her innovative teaching strategies & methodology, her current research is in course completion rates & connecting online course development with The Science of Learning.

Currently, she works with entrepreneurs, online marketers, and businesses around the country to provide the highest quality of learning strategies with the greatest amount of impact on a variety of different platforms.


Learn How to Create a Course That People Will Finish...

  • Why we need to have both hats on when creating a course - content creator and marketer
  • Why research is so important and what to look for
  • How to incentivise people to finish the course successfully
  • How to get great feedback from people
  • Why you shouldn't use MCQ (multiple choice questions) in your assessment modules
  • How to tailor your course for every type of learning style


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