Kingdom Leader's Journey in the Marketplace with Michelle Mays

biblical business principles leadership Sep 08, 2020

 September 8, 2020 by Kelly 

What's your unique process that sets you apart from your competitors? 

You do have one, right? How else do you stand out from your peers in such a competitive marketplace?

I know that we're taught to blend in with the crowd, it makes life easier, but as our guest speaker says, this is the exact opposite of what you need to do!

Today's guest is Michelle Mays, who as the Chief Concierge for Luxury Weddings and holder of an Accredited Special Events Designer Master's Program from the Institute of Wedding & Design, she knows a thing or two about why blending in is the worst thing you can do!

With the help of the Power of One Framework™, Michelle broke down her unique process into an approach called EDR, Engage, Design and Reveal, which revamped the way that she tackles wedding planning. Additionally, it makes it easy for both her and her clients to have a clear picture of what the wedding is going to look like.

Not only does she share her journey through the Power of One Framework™, but she also gives us a few tips about how to really listen and understand our clients, a useful skill for any industry!


Learn how Michelle's Journey Has Shaped Her Business...

  • Michelle shares her journey from leaving corporate America to starting her own business as a luxury wedding planner
  • Why active listening is just as much about what is not said
  • Michelle outlines her process for planning and executing weddings - Engage, Design, Reveal (EDR)
  • She describes the various problems she has encountered in the luxury wedding planning industry
  • The explanation of how her approach to wedding planning differs from her competition and how she created it
  • Why POOF was instrumental in helping her change her process and the differences that she was within herself
  • Do NOT blend in with the crowd! This goes against our natural instincts, but how will you attract clients if you appear to be the same as everyone else?


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