#205: Long Form vs Short Form Video Content: For Coaches and Consultants

scaling up social media Feb 14, 2024


Long Form vs Short Form Video Content

8.25 seconds. Does this number sound familiar? That's the average attention span most viewers have before deciding whether or not to keep watching something or move on to the next... So, how can we keep it in today's world of almost endless content?

In today's podcast episode, we dive into the world of social media content, focusing on the strategies of long-form and short-form content. Our guest shares her personal journey of going viral on TikTok and how that changed her business. Not only does this conversation look at the importance of creating intentional, binge-worthy content, but also how to get started with creating and delivering great social media content to build your audience.

Keenya Kelly is the CEO of If You Brand It, a Vertical Video Marketing & Consulting agency in San Diego, CA, where she strategically helps business owners develop video & funnel marketing strategies. 

In just 3 years through vertical video marketing, Keenya has grown an audience of over 500,000, generated over $1 million dollars in her business, and has helped thousands of business owners scale and market their businesses online.


Here you can watch the full video :)

Listen to Find Out What You Should Consider When Creating Content For Social Media...

  • Keenya's journey of achieving viral success on TikTok in 6 months
  • Her content creation strategy leads to her exponential growth on social media
  • Short vs Long form content - which is more effective for your business?
  • What essentials you need to start creating content - you may be surprised!
  • Importance of intentional posting and how that helps your business grow
  • What to do as your social media following grows to get higher sales and conversions......
  • Too good to be true? Faceless social media accounts - who does this work for?


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