#204: Fears of Female Entrepreneurs: Offer Validation: Part 4/12

biblical business principles finance & wealth intentional productivity Dec 27, 2023


Time and time again, I have seen many Kingdom entrepreneurs create their entire offers and programs before validating them.  

Many of them know what they need to validate the offer first, but why don’t they?  

Today, let’s peel off the bandage and dive a bit deeper into why might be the reasons those of you are not doing it: 

The key theme is FEAR!

Hint- you might be consciously or unconsciously doing one of these 10 things, so check it out, and let's conquer it to get your offers validated and launched to serve the people you are called and make the money you deserve!  

Come join us, and if you resonate with any of this, please help us spread the word. Share with your friends, business buddies, and fellow sisters. Let them know that God sees their struggles and we're here to help. :)


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