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February 11, 2020 by Kelly

How well would you say that you balance your home and work lives? 

In today's digital world, the line gets blurrier all the time, especially since it's so easy to take work home with us. However, it is more than possible to have that balance that you keep hearing about! 

Today, I am interviewing the amazing Dr Harold Arnold - on how to balance your work and home lives without losing slack on either of them! We chatted about how in order to succeed at work, you have to attend to the dynamics of home as well, no burying yourself in work. All of these things will help you become the leader you are meant to be.

Dr. Harold L. Arnold, Jr., is the founder of The Pursuit of Influence, is a social and organizational psychologist who specializes in developing a family-focused culture in homes, places of worship, and business settings. Dr. Harold is the author of three marriage books and one leadership development book all based on his own unique model for relationship-faith integration, including Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples, Second Shift: How to Grow Your Part-Time Passion to Full-Time Influence and his newest marriage book published by CLC Publications, The Unfair Advantage: A Grace-inspired Path to Winning at Marriage.

With his holistic view of relationships that extends from the bedroom to the boardroom, Dr. Harold demonstrates how successful homes, religious organizations, community groups, and businesses cultivate relationships and leaders defined by an organic sense of shared identity. Armed with biblical principles, psychological insights, and entertaining stories, Dr. Harold guides his audiences on a journey to discover faith and purpose through committed relationships. So as you can see, he has plenty of experience and insights to give on how to accomplish that fabled work/home balance. ;) 


Learn How to Actually Live a Balanced Work/Home Life...

  • What it really means to actually have a work-life balance
  • Tips on building a strong marriage with open communication
  • Why your home is the #1 leadership development ground and how you can utilize it
  • How to improve your relationship with God through your home and work-life


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