How To Be Authentic To Yourself with Steve Reiter

biblical business principles intentional productivity leadership Jan 28, 2020

January 28, 2020 by Kelly

Would you say that you are authentic to yourself and to your brand? 

Ideally, the answer would be that your brand is an accurate reflection of you who are. You embody the brand. Of course, that's easier said than done, right? 

For this episode, we invited Steve Reiter, cofounder of the Eternal Leadership podcast, to give us insights about how to be authentic to yourself and use your passions to boost your business! We also discussed what it means to live in such a high-paced society, where it seems that the only mode is "go, go, go" all the time, and how this can lead to burnout.

Steve is a 21 year internationally syndicated broadcasting professional. He has spent 12+ years working on the internationally syndicated radio show, Focus on the Family. Steve was overseeing the production department in 2008 when FOTF was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame (beating out Howard Stern, Bob Costas, and Dr. Laura). He left his award-winning stint in 2010 to help spearhead what ended up being the largest rollout in radio history at Family Talk. Within 2 years of leaving Family Talk, Steve and John Ramstead co-founded the Eternal Leadership podcast, which was named a Top 12 Podcast To Listen To If You Want To Become A Better Leader by Inc Magazine. They were also named a Top 100 Leadership Blog by Feedspot two years in a row.

Armed with those 21 years of experience, he brings a unique perspective to the podcasting space. With strengths like Ideation, Strategic Thinking, Positivity, Adaptability, and Activator for his StrengthsFinder Top 5, you’ll get fresh ideas that work for you and someone to help positively navigate the inevitable curveballs that come your way.


Learn How to Be Authentic To Yourself & Your Brand...

  • Common mistakes that Christians make when working in the media fields
  • Why being your authentic self will boost your business
  • Why your internal and external presence cannot outpace each other
  • 3 areas in your personal life that need to be detoxed in order for your business to grow
  • Why it is important to slow down from time to time


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