#170: When to Hire a Business Coach

biblical business principles intentional productivity leadership Aug 02, 2022


Are you thinking about hiring a business coach? 

While there's no one definitive answer to this question, I have gathered the 7 most beneficial situations that indicate it might be time for you to bring on a coach for your business.

Have you experienced any of these situations? What's your next action step? Share with us below:)


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Learn When You Should Hire a Business Coach...

  • [01:00] - Situation #1 - God told you to do so
  • [01:38] - Situation #2 - You are at crossroads
  • [02:28] - Situation #3 - You need help getting to the next level
  • [02:51] - Situation #4 - You are overwhelmed
  • [04:05] - Situation #5 - You need help with a specific area
  • [04:34] - Situation #6 - You want an unbiased perspective
  • [05:23] - Situation #7 - You need someone to hold you accountable


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