#169: How to Run a Business With Your Partner

biblical business principles speaking & communication Jul 26, 2022


Are you thinking about starting a business with your partner, but unsure if you want to go forward because you're worried that it will affect your personal relationship?

This is where today's guests comes in. I'd like you to meet Brooke and Finley Robinson. Brooke's journey has been challenging but life-changing. As a teenager, she developed an unhealthy relationship with food and fitness, but through the help of wonderful people around her, she found help and healing. After the early years of marriage and babies, followed by helping a family member through a long season of cancer, she found a calling in helping other women find joy in prioritizing their own health and wellness. Brooke's focus has been to do it through the power of community.

Finley has served as a pastor for 20 years, leading and communicating in various capacities while directing a team of ten and coordinating hundreds of volunteers as well. On the side, he has helped co-run 3 different business with his wife while raising their three kids. He's learned from and experienced the challenges that couples face as they navigate their dreams, giftedness, schedules and resources together in a healthy and meaningful way. 

In this episode, we dive into how Brooke started BTribal Fitness, what prompted Finley to leave ministry and support his wife full-time and their top 3 tips on how couples work together yet still have a thriving relationship with each other.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 

Here is a highlight from the podcast episode :)

Learn How You Can Run a Business With Your Partner...

  • [04:23] Their fun story of why they call themselves the back of the pack of goldfish
  • [05:39] How did Brooke start this business
  • [13:38] What prompted Finley to stop what he was doing and support his wife full-time?
  • [17:37] How did they navigate through challenges - did they fight?
  • [22:04] Who has what role in this business?
  • [26:03] What gifts/skills was Finley able to use from his ministry days and what has been a challenge for him?
  • [30:58] How was the change for Brooke as Finley joined her full-time?
  • [35:23] Top 3 tips that they recommend for couples to want to work together and keep their relationship thriving



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