Three Principles To Build A Profitable Personal Brand

biblical business principles personal brand Aug 03, 2021

August 3, 2021 by Kelly

Do you feel like the market is saturated with consultants and your personal brand is getting lost in the shuffle?

In the last year especially, we have seen more and more people jump into the entrepreneurial world and it seems harder and harder to stand out. So I created this video to share with you the 3 key principles that will help you stand out amongst your peers, allowing you to build not just a profitable but impactful personal brand.

Each single one of us is already unique as we all have different backgrounds and stories to share. However, time and time again I see people trying to copy other successful people's personality, but that's just not who they are. As Sean Cannell told me, do NOT fake it until you make it. This piece of advice may sound contrary to everything you have heard, but once you know what the 3 principles are, it will make more sense. :)

By sharing my story with you, I hope to both inspire and encourage you to do the same as you build up your personal brand business and shine bright for God in the marketplace!


Learn How to Build a Profitable and Impactful Personal Brand...

  • [01:34] Part 1 - Point of View - Stand firm on what you believe and share in love!
  • [03:59] Part 2 - Your Personality - Do NOT copy what you see
  • [06:48] Part 3 - Presence - How much time do you spend doing front/back stage activities?


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