The Power of Podcasting - Why Podcasting is the Future

personal brand scaling up social media speaking & communication Jul 18, 2021

July 18, 2021 by Kelly

Are you interested in starting a podcast or trying to figure out how a podcast can help your personal brand based business?

As we have seen in the last few months, it seems like podcasts are the next big thing. Spotify made a deal with Prince Harry and Megan back in 2020 and they aren't the only platform trying to make exclusive deals with celebrities to host their podcasts. In today's episode, our guest will share some surprising statistics that may change your mind from running a Youtube channel and starting a podcast instead, such as - 93% of people listen to 50% or more of every podcast episode they listen to. Surprising, right?

Danny Ozment is a business strategist and podcast consultant for busy professionals and solopreneurs who want to create podcasts that build brand loyalty and make their marketing efforts more effective. His goal is to help you clarify your message and publish engaging content that creates customers who trust you before they buy and can’t wait to tell the world about you.

Danny’s refreshing approach as the owner of Emerald City Productions has made him a sought-after speaker, online educator, and consultant for major corporations and thought leaders. His clients include Salesforce, LinkedIn, the John Maxwell Team, Mike Kim, and The Dijulius Group.

He is the host of the highly-rated podcast, Podcast Strategies for Growing Your Business, Community, and Influence. He has spoken at industry-leading events including Podcast Movement and Mediavine.

Right now, Danny is wearing out his Walt Disney World annual pass with his wife and 2 kids. When he’s not on Pirates of the Caribbean, he spends his days on a mission helping podcasters change the world one download at a time. The free tips he provides at, guarantee you’ll launch and grow a podcast that will impact the world.

So as you can see, he knows his stuff! In this episode, we discuss the number one assumption that people make when starting a podcast and how just like any habit, growing your podcast takes dedication, time, and hard work.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 


Learn How You Can Monetize a Podcast For Your Personal Brand Based Business...

  • [05:46] Danny shares his journey from working towards a master's in conducting to running a team of 10 people producing podcast episodes
  • [11:51] How confidence helped him grow his business
  • [14:49] Why people are tuning into podcasts - this is where the power of storytelling comes into effect!
  • [22:19] How to utilize a podcast for your personal brand based business in an effective way
  • [27:49] #1 mistake that he sees people make
  • [32:15] How to engage with your podcast audience and why listening to their feedback can turn your business around


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