Do Not Fake It Until You Make It - Building an Authentic Personal Brand

biblical business principles personal brand speaking & communication Jun 29, 2021

June 29, 2021 by Kelly

How would you define your role in your clients' customer journey?

According to our guest today, regardless of the industry you are in, you are their guide. Not only should you be helping them solve their problem, but there are 2 things you also need to be doing to solve their problem at the root. Additionally, we discuss why there isn't a one size fits all formula for building a personal brand and why you shouldn't fake it until you make it.

Alex Yu has been a licensed real estate broker in coastal Orange County, CA for over a decade and serves successful families. His academics include graduating from Chapman University in Real Estate and Finance. He previously supported JPMorgan Chase in a real estate advisory role and was Ambassador to former California Senate Minority Leader, Bob Huff. He runs a successful team and coaches other agents in brand building strategies for influence.

So as you can see, he knows his stuff! In this episode, we delve into his journey of building up his real estate brokerage and how R&D in the real estate industry has a different meaning than you what know - it's not research and development.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 


Learn Why You Should Stay Authentic to Yourself and Build Your Brand Around That ...

  • [03:50] Alex details his journey from college to real estate and how volunteering gave him another perspective
  • [07:57] What prompted him to start working/investing with/in the community
  • [11:02] Why you should not fake it until you make it
  • [13:33] Alex explains why you should create a brand and not use a cookie-cutter formula
  • [16:57] How Alex keeps himself humble and centered
  • [19:39] What R&D means in real estate
  • [23:43] Type of questions you should be asking your customers
  • [25:55] 2 things that every entrepreneur needs to be doing


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