Creating a Brand with Impact - How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand 2021

personal brand speaking & communication Jun 08, 2021

June 8, 2021 by Kelly

How would you describe your brand? How did you come up with your brand?

Oftentimes, the first thing that pops into our heads when we think about brands is the logo, the colors and the overall feeling that we associate with that brand. But we forget that aesthetics isn't everything. Luckily for you, our guest today gives us more than a few tips and insights on why in order for our brands to intentionally create impact, the design must be rooted in strategy. After all, a brand should represent a journey, not just a picture.

Alyssa Houseknecht is CEO and Creative Director of her boutique agency where she specializes in brand strategy. She helps influential entrepreneurs design Confident Brands – because design is more than things just looking “pretty.” Using her 5-step framework incorporating brand strategy, design, and mindset, Alyssa has proven that a Confident Brand will create impact and income.

Alyssa is used to being on stage or in front of a microphone as she is a trained vocalist and actress. These days, she uses those skills to present practical information dynamically. She has been featured on global summits like Monetize Your Genius, top-rated podcasts like Real Personal Branding Podcast, and featured as a guest masterclass teacher for Pinegate Road, Forever Friday, among others.

So as you can see, she knows her stuff! In this episode, we delve into her journey from hopping onto the corporate ladder after college to getting fired, which lead to her freelancing and 3 years later, owner of her own company.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 


Learn How You Can Build a Confident Personal Brand ...

  • [04:25] Alyssa shares her rollercoaster of a journey as she transitioned from the corporate world to striking it out on her own
  • [08:33] Why a Venn diagram represents what an ideal brand should be
  • [09:15] How your brand should evoke gut feelings of attractiveness in your dream clients
  • [10:02] Alyssa shares why her company is based around the premise that brand designs should be rooted in strategy and not just be pretty pictures
  • [14:00] Why a brand isn't just about aesthetics
  • [16:53] Alyssa's 5 Step Process To Creating a Powerful and Confident Personal Brand


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