#171: Power of Vulnerability in Business

biblical business principles speaking & communication Aug 09, 2022


Is something holding you back from starting to write that book or record that podcast?

This is where today's guest comes in. I'd like you to meet Tamra Andress. She is a human sparkler and top thought leader in spiritual entrepreneurship, an international speaker and 2x best selling author. She’s the founder and chief evangelist of F.I.T. in Faith Media Company. As an ordained minister she is co-missioned to activate purpose-driven leaders personally and professionally with their broadcasted messages and businesses through publishing, podcasting and play. She’s an event host to annual conferences and retreats that unleash identity and freedom around the world. Her F.I.T. in Faith Podcast is globally ranked in the top 1% of the spirituality and business charts with over 250 interviews of founders, innovators and trailblazers. And her most treasured role is wife and mama - and you will surely never leave her presence without an added measure of joy!

In this episode, we dive into what prompted Tamra to write her book, how her podcast has evolved over time, along-with the most common limiting beliefs that people have that stop them from showing up in the marketplace, whether that's starting a podcast or using long format content on social media.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 


Here is a highlight from the podcast episode :)


Learn How Vulnerability Is The Most Overlooked Marketing Tool...

  • [05:08] Her journey - what it looks like when you always exceed expectations...... hint: quarter-life crisis
  • [10:47] What prompted her to write the book
  • [16:40] Why is it so important to share our vulnerabilities
  • [18:39] How she started her podcast and how it has evolved since then
  • [23:31] Limiting beliefs for people that stop them from starting a podcast or writing that book
  • [25:32] Pro tip: using long format content for social media and how to do it 
  • [33:30] Why and for who did she start the conference for
  • [39:29] Departing wisdom: what you have to do before you can make an impact


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