Future Proof Business Tips with Nicole Walters

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May 5, 2020 by Kelly

Are you worried that your business will one day no longer be necessary? 

That's a very real worry in today's world, considering how quickly everything can change. However, there is a way to ensure that you are always a step ahead and ready for anything! 

Our guest speaker today is Nicole Walters - the woman who quit her job live on Periscope in front of 10,000 people to start her own business. However less than one year later, Nicole had grown her business, The Monetized Life ™, into a transformative lifestyle brand.  We chatted about how she worked in the corporate field and switched paths to become an entrepreneur, which led her on a journey of ups and downs as she navigated the  transition so that she could fulfil her calling and use her talents to glorify God!

Whether you own a business, run one on the side or haven’t started one yet, you’ll leave equipped and inspired to find provision in your purpose.  


Here is a highlight from the podcast episode :)

Learn How to Future Proof Your Business...

  • Why the boring stuff is necessary in order to grow our business
  • Why parts of the corporate world are necessary for entrepreneurship
  • How to deal with guilt as a working mother
  • Why it's not necessarily all about the new things or ways when future proofing your business
  • Why you shouldn't focus on having a big launch (if it's your first time as an entrepreneur)
  • Why asking for help is not a bad thing


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