Marketplace Leadership with Adrian Salisbury

biblical business principles leadership personal brand social media Apr 21, 2020

April 21, 2020 by Kelly

What does it mean to be a marketplace leader as Christian entrepreneurs? 

As Christian entrepreneurs, not only do we have a responsibility to steward well what we have in hand, but we also have a social responsibility and as our guest speaker today mentions, our sphere of influence is bigger than we think it is. 

Today, I am interviewing Adrian Salisbury - the guy who makes professional-looking videos easy!  We chatted about how he started out as a photographer and switched paths to become a marketing guru which led him on a journey of ups and downs as he navigated building a new business from the ground up and becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is today. 


Learn How You Can Create a Safe Haven For Your Tribe...

  • How to build your community/tribe
  • Why marketplace leadership is more than just a title, it's about setting an example for your tribe
  • Why good camera equipment matters
  • How the actions you take create ripple effects
  • Why your sphere of influence is bigger than you think
  • The most important thing to have as you go through the ups and downs of your journey


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