#142: Christian Business Leadership: How to Create a Thriving Company Culture

biblical business principles intentional productivity scaling up Sep 28, 2021

September 28, 2021 by Kelly

Did you know that regardless of what industry you are in now, you can switch to a completely different one?

Surprising, right? You are not limited to just one field and as our guest will share with you today, she made quite a few leaps before becoming an entrepreneur with a genetics laboratory.

Today's guest, Holly Magliochetti, is a seasoned health care executive with over 25 years of management experience. Her passion is for developing corporate cultures rooted in servant leadership and building organizations on a mission to save lives and cultivate positive social impact. When our collective mission is for the betterment of mankind by utilizing all available resources and incorporating innovative technological and scientific game-changing breakthroughs we all win. Her motto is: Doing life God’s way. Every step of the way.

This episode covers how we should all lead our businesses by faith, yet still be good stewards of what has been handed to us, how to incorporate and encourage further education in our company culture and 2 key lessons that Holly has learned through her journey.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 


Learn How to Create a Thriving Company Culture ...

  • [04:44] Holly's journey from investment banking to consultant to running a genetics lab
  • [15:13] What prompted her to switch from the banking to medical sector?
  • [18:28] How did she step by faith in her business?
  • [22:12] Does she hire only Christians and what is her company culture all about?
  • [29:34] Her biggest hiring problem
  • [30:55] 2 key lessons that she has learned
  • [38:43] Why Christian CEOS should support each other & be unapologetic about serving the Lord


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