#212: Why Overthinking is Holding You Back

intentional productivity Jun 05, 2024


How to Overcome Overthinking....

Have you heard of the donkey problem? It’s one of the hardest philosophical problems to solve and the reason why is linked to one of the biggest things that’s holding you back in business and in life. You see, the question of this problem was - if you place an equally hungry and thirsty donkey in the middle between food and water, which one should it go to first? There’s no wrong answer here. Logically it should either eat or drink and then switch sides, but like us, the donkey may overthink the situation it is in and eventually end up dying of both hunger and thirst because it didn’t do anything. It overthought.

And overthinking is one of the main blockers that can keep us from achieving our goals - whether that is reaching our business/professional goals or any other types of goals you may have.

Come join us, as we continue to focus on sustainable productivity and success in this episode through:

  • The Science of Why We Overthink: Understand how overthinking impacts your brain and body
  • Practical Tips and Strategies: Learn actionable techniques and strategies to help prevent you from falling into the spiral of overthinking


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