#189: Biblical Stewardship Of Money with Sarah Patton

biblical business principles finance & wealth Apr 10, 2023


What would you do if God told you to be a better steward financially and cut everything down until you're debt free?


Our guest today made quite a few sacrifices in order to follow God's wisdom, but it paid off in a big way, especially as she managed to be debt free before the pandemic hit in 2020 and as an owner of an events based business, who not only kept her business alive but thriving in this difficult time.


Having lived in Nashville over 18 years, Sarah knows the city inside and out. She is a Vanderbilt alum and entrepreneur at heart. Sarah quit her corporate job seven years ago to run Social Bliss Events full-time. SBE is a full-service event planning company that specializes in itinerary planning and luxury event planning. Social Bliss has been featured in People, Nashville Lifestyles, Fortune, and The Nashville Guide. In 2022, she co-founded Hill Event Rentals creating custom backdrops, installations, and specialty rentals.


Sarah loves coffee dates, receiving snail mail, hiking at Radnor, and sunny days at the lake. Sarah is a first-generation college student who loves empowering women to chase their dreams. She is an encourager, public speaker, and believes we thrive in community.


This episode is part of our Easter Christian Business Series, stay tuned for the next episode. :)


You can also watch it as a video on Youtube :)

  • [00:41] - What was 1 turning point that God inspired or instructed to do something differently?
  • [02:40] - How was she able to keep her event based business not just alive, but thriving during the pandemic? 
  • [05:49] - How she overcame that struggle of following God's wisdom


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