#187: How to Pray For Your Business to Grow with LaTara Venise

biblical business principles Apr 08, 2023


What should we be praying for when we talk to God about our business?


Today's guest shares with us that first you need to learn to trust God when you talk to Him about your business and once that foundation is there, then you need to ensure that you are taking the time to listen to what He says. In this video, we dive into her journey and how she talks to God, especially when she hears something that sounds crazy and completely out of the ordinary.


LaTara Venise is the CEO of the Color Your Soul Company, a personal and professional development company that offers Kingdom-focused solutions, strategies, and structure to entrepreneurs ready to build, scale, and sustain thriving businesses.


This episode is part of our Easter Christian Business Series, stay tuned for the next episode. :)


You can also watch it as a video on Youtube :)

  • [00:59] - What was 1 turning point that God inspired or instructed to do something differently?
  • [04:45] - What advice would she give to those who are unsure that God is calling them to do this?
  • [09:46] - How to know if God is talking to you
  • [17:29] - What advice would she give to those who are unsure how to move forward?


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