#183: God Has Perfect Timing For Your Business with Angee Robertson

biblical business principles intentional productivity Apr 03, 2023


What would you do if God asked you to start something new, like start a school for virtual assistants? 

That's exactly the situation our guest today faced, and her testimony will inspire and remind us all of important it is to be aligned with God's timing.


Angee Robertson has been called to equip women who have administrative giftings, savvy organizational skills and a deep desire to support the marketplace to make an impact, all for the glory of God.


After successfully running her own thriving virtual assistant business for nearly two decades, she founded the Kingdom Virtual Assistant School where she trains aspiring virtual assistants to design their own unique practices in partnership with God. She uses her certified Life and Career coach training to support her students and in her work with entrepreneurs. Outside of Kingdom VA School, she supports small businesses to streamline their operations so they are free to focus on their own God given callings.


When not teaching her students or supporting her clients, Angee spends time journaling with Jesus, taking nature walks around her Florida home with her husband and laughing with friends, family and neighbors.


This episode is part of our Easter Christian Business Series, stay tuned for the next episode. :)


You can also watch it as a video on Youtube :)


Listen to Angee's Story...

  • [01:13] - Question #1: How did God impact her business and everything else?
  • [08:46] - Question #2: What does she mean by partnering with God?
  • [14:12] - Question #3: What's the 1st step we should do when we think God is calling us to do something? 


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