#161: How to Sell God's Way: What to Know Before Selling High Ticket Offers

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March 29, 2022 by Kelly

Do you feel or have you heard the call from God that you should sell high ticket offers?

It can definitely be scary and nerve-racking to change niches or target audiences, but that's all apart of your journey as an entrepreneur and stepping out in faith. I know, that sentence sounds a lot easier than it is to do. And on that note, I want to introduce this week's podcast guest who ignored God's call to start selling high ticket offers for years and what happened once she did. 

Meet today's guest: Althea McIntyre, CPA, MSOD, CPCC, the founder and CEO of Althea McIntyre International and the author of the upcoming book Spirit-Led Sales: How To Sell God’s Way (™)She helps established Christ-Centered Female Entrepreneurs grow profitable Spirit-led businesses.

Althea's been trusted by and featured in Accenture, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, Northwestern University, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, EBONY, JET, The Network Journal, VoyageChicago and many more.

When she's not working, Althea spends time with close friends and family, ministers in dance, indulges in the latest fashion trends, works out, reads, and travels internationally.

This episode will tell you how why she sells high ticket offers, 3 common mistakes that people make when switching to offering high ticket courses or programs, why it's 90% mindset based and how to get started on this path. 

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 


Here is a highlight from the podcast episode :)


Learn How to Get Started Selling High Ticket Offers....

  • [02:54] How Althea left her corporate job, delved into the world of coaching and transitioned to selling high ticket offers - quite a rollercoaster of a ride
  • [08:16] Why she sells high ticket programs
  • [12:23] 3 common mistakes people make when first selling high ticket offers
  • [17:45] Why you should work with a coach who's ahead of you 
  • [21:16] how she enrolls high ticket clients - using God's way
  • [27:58] how to get started in selling high ticket offers 


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