#158: Called To Do Something Different in Your Industry? Here are 4 Must-Haves

biblical business principles intentional productivity leadership personal brand Feb 22, 2022

February 22, 2022 by Kelly

Do you feel called to do something NEW in your industry or revolutionize the way things are done?

These are 4 things will help you to get started on that journey.

1. Faith

Before starting something new, you want to make sure that this is what God wants you to pursue. Once you have His confirmation, it will be a reminder to you and encourage you to keep going when the obstacles or resistance come your way.

2. Count Your Costs

Before you start anything new, you should take inventory of where you are now and what will be demanded of you once you start. I recommend assessing the following areas: - Mental Bandwidth - Relationally - Financially - Spiritually - Time

3. Seek Accountability & Support Group

Here's Where Self-Awareness Needs to Kick in! Let's be honest, there are moments we know exactly what we should be doing, but we don't. We are humans:). Therefore, achievers make sure they are held accountable to avoid this. On the other side, we need encouragement & advice when we face challenges: aka- Support :) Therefore, to set yourself up for success - Seek to be part of the group which will do this for you.

4. Equipped with the New

In order to DO something differently or change the industry you work in, you need to THINK differently. Therefore, you need to re-learn/un-learn and equip yourself with new perspectives, knowledge, new skills., etc.

So you can be ready to execute with the NEW!


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