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April 3, 2021 by Kelly

Are you worrying that you're missing out by slowing down or that you feel you're too late to start a business?

Don't worry about it! God never wastes time and by that I mean, He will utilize your past experiences and use them to benefit you and whomever you serve.  Our two guests today can definitely relate to that plight!

Our first  guest is Andrew Pitchford, who is currently in a season of waiting and that's perfectly okay. As he tells us, there are seasons when we need to run full speed ahead, but we cannot always do that, otherwise we will burn out. We need to ensure that with these waiting seasons, we go back to God to sharpen ourselves and our spirits so that we remain productive for those full steam ahead seasons! 

After Andrew, up next is Althea McIntyre, who took 7 years before finally answering God's call to pivot what she was doing in business. Yet, once she answered that call, God didn't punish her for taking that long, no! Instead, He uses that experience to help her clients   and what they want to do. 

Note: This mini series will have episodes uploaded every day from March 27th until April 17th, so check back daily to hear first-hand stories from different Christian entrepreneurs about how they heeded God's call and what happened after they took that first step....


Key Lessons From This Episode...

  • [Andrew] We need to know the season when to run and when to listen. It’s more than okay to wait. 
  • [Andrew] It’s not always about running full speed ahead. 
  • [Andrew] Jeremiah 17 - We need to make sure that we always go home to God to sharpen ourselves and our spirit in order to remain productive. 
  • [Althea] It takes one yes which changes everything.
  • [Althea] Even though it took her 7 years before she finally followed the Lord’s voice and pivoted her successful business, the Lord doesn’t consider that wasted time. He uses that instead to help serve her clients. 


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