Easter Christian Business Series: How to Utilize Your Unique Selling Point with Joy Capps and Latoya Hoquee

biblical business principles personal brand scaling up Mar 31, 2021

March 31, 2021 by Kelly

Are you having a tough time trying to stand out in your niche?

However, what if instead of trying to focus on your USP (unique selling point), you focused on showing off your God given gifts?

Many times we skip over on utilizing our strengths when that is what we should be doing!

Our first guest is Joy Capps, an expert at copywriting who's been doing this for over 30+ years. One of the keys to great copywriting is being authentic and showing your core. To do that, means unlocking your God given gifts which He has blessed you with and centering your business around that. It will allow you to show a more "real" version of you as it is easier to write something you're passionate about or enjoy doing.

After Joy, we have Latoya Hoquee, who trusted God and dived head first into setting up her business during the pandemic last year. Even though most marketing strategies didn't work, God provided the way and the know-how on how to market as a Christian business in the marketplace.

Note: This mini series will have episodes uploaded every day from March 27th until April 17th, so check back daily to hear first-hand stories from different Christian entrepreneurs about how they heeded God's call and what happened after they took that first step....


Key Lessons From This Episode...

  • [Joy] We all want to showcase our USP (unique selling point), but what if instead we show off our God-given gifts? 
  • [Joy] When working with clients who aren’t believers, take a firm stand about what your boundaries are. 
  • [Latoya] She took a leap of faith during the pandemic last year to resign from her full-time position as a nurse and work full-time on her business. 
  • [Latoya] God showed her how to market as a Christian business amidst the pandemic.
  • [Latoya] For people who are thinking about transitioning from the corporate world: You have to trust the Lord and walk by faith. Don’t rely on what you can see physically. 


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