Storytelling For Business with Kevin Anderson

personal brand social media speaking & communication May 24, 2018

May 24, 2018 by Kelly

Are you frustrated because your social media posts keep getting lost in the shuffle of the algorithm? 

Have you heard of storytelling? Let me introduce you to Kevin Anderson, a Storytelling Coach, writer and Communications Consultant for corporations. He’s on a mission to help people unlock their inner storyteller. Not because stories are lovely or because stories are fun - but because stories are the most powerful way to make your messages memorable. Stories help you connect, engage and if you want - to sell. Stories stick.   

Side note: We recorded this episode quite a while back, and I thought we lost the files in my last Dropbox nightmare when we changed computers, so I am so delighted to find out we got the files all back. Don’t you just love technology sometimes?

This is one of those conversational episodes you can relax to, yet receive many value bombs. 


Learn Why Storytelling Is The Way To Stand Out...

  • Kevin explains why storytelling for business is the best way to stand out in the marketplace
  • 2 common mistakes that entrepreneurs make in storytelling
  • 2 common mistakes that occur when writing stories


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