Productivity Habits + Mindset For Social Media Management with Erik Fisher

intentional productivity social media Feb 24, 2018

February 24, 2018 by Kelly

Do you ever have those times when you know you need to do something, but you lack the motivation to do it? 

I would be the first to raise my hand and admit I run into this all the time! Luckily for us, today we have the Host of “Beyond the To-do List” Podcast, and the Social Media Manager for Social Media Examiner, a humble influencer in the podcast field. He shows us specific Productivity Habits + Mindset for Social Media Management so that we don’t lose our “Freedom”, the very thing we became entrepreneurs to start with.   

With Erik Fisher's  unique expertise both in productivity and social media, these 2 areas can be almost like water and oil, that’s WHY you need to listen to the whole episode to see how Erik tackle them with ease and elegance:)   

Have you ever felt that the demand for social media has weighed you down? The FOMO (fear of missing out) monster is constantly screaming at you all the time?  Especially when you know you need the non-distracted mental bandwidth to operate your business forward!  How do we balance all of it?


Learn How to Stay Productive...

  • Erik's journey so far, and it might totally surprise you as it did to me
  • How you can protect and execute the most important asset of your productivity - your FOCUS
  • How you can avoid the distraction, and yet you can indulge your ongoing information acquiring desire
  • Tips on how we can stay productive, yet maintain the engagement level with our audience on social media


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