Social Responsibility for Christian Entrepreneurs with Paul Boag

biblical business principles Oct 03, 2016

October 3, 2016 by Kelly

Are you trying to figure out how to reconcile your business with your faith in God? 

My conversation with our guest speaker, Paul Boag, has really left a mark on my heart and spirit and if there's one thing you get out of this episode, it should be this: God really does care about our business and our personal life!

It can seem that our faith and our work should remain compartmentalized and separate from each other, however this is not what God intended for us to do. In fact, HE is the one who enables us to create the business as our Salt & Light to the world, and when we do this right, we will be truly blessed and will impact lives

While you may think this episode sounds quite heavy and serious, you are wrong! I don’t know when was the last time I laughed so hard that my stomach hurts, it's that good. 

Paul has been an inspiration to a generation of digital professionals through his brand, The Boagworld with over 20 years experience on the web and 10 years of blogging and speaking experience. He is a great role model to follow especially for Christian entrepreneurs, as ambassadors of Christ, we need to realize that we also have additional responsibilities to fulfill. 


Learn Why Faith Matters in the Business Marketplace...

  • Why your business might be the most precious gift from God
  • Paul explains the social responsibility that we as Christian entrepreneurs have
  • Tired of trying to find that work-life balance? - We discuss the 1 method that actually works!


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