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intentional productivity scaling up social media Sep 12, 2016

September 12, 2016 by Kelly

Are you stuck trying to figure out what social media management tool you should be using to keep track of all of your analytics? 

You would think that with all of the options out there, it would be fairly easy to just pick one and use it, right? There is definitely a lot of trial and error going on when setting up a new business, but in this episode we give you our top 5 tools to use so that you can pick the one suitable to your needs and cross that off your to-do list! 

These top 5 tools come from Ian Anderson Gray, founder of the social media tools blog, Seriously Social, where he and his team have tried and tested dozens and dozens of various different platforms, apps and services to learn what's the best solution for any of your social media questions. So as you can see, Ian knows a thing or two about picking the right social media management tool for any need. 

Not only is Ian a blogger, but he is also the cofounder of the web agency, Select Performers. He's also a consultant, speaker, web developer and teacher, however his entrepreneurial journey was definitely full of twists and turns as he went from a career as a professional singer to the go-to guy for social media tools and coach on speaking confidently in your live steams. 


Learn How to Choose the Right Social Media Management Tool...

  • Ian details how he went from a singing career to becoming a speaker as a social media tool expert - Proof that nothing is wasted in your journey - God has a plan!
  • Stuck trying to choose the right social media management tools for your business? - We discuss how to do that!
  • Recommendations from Ian: Top 5 Social Media management tools 
  • Ian explains the main benefits of using Facebook Live for small business owners & entrepreneurs


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