How to Scale Your Business By Creating Standard Operating Procedure with Tony L Brown

scaling up Aug 29, 2016

August 29, 2016 by Kelly

Do you feel that your business is stuck between growing and where you are right now, because there's just too much to do? 

This is the point in time, where you need to start thinking about hiring other people. However to ensure that after you’ve hired someone and they’re taking work off your plate and not just adding to your workload, you will need to implement SOP (standard operating procedure) 

You may say, but Kelly, how can I do that? This is where Tony L Brown comes in. He’s known as “The Systems Guy” as he’s a Business Systems Strategist, Author, Speaker and Trainer. He’s also the author of “Standard Procedure” - how to systemise your business, reduce your workload, increase your productivity and become profitable. So he knows a thing or two about how to scale your business through implementing SOPs. 

Regardless whether you already have grown your business and hired part or full time employees, or you’re looking to hire your first employee, this episode is packed full of tips about how to increase the company’s and by extension your productivity. So that you have more time to focus on the big picture plan and less worry about how the day-to-day operations are being handled. 


Learn How to Scale Your Business By Creating SOPs...

  • Tony explains why YOU can become the bottleneck of your own business
  • The explanation of how to systemise your business, so you can reclaim your time
  • How God led Tony from $0 to today’s prosperous business and the lives he is able to impact


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