How to Develop a Mindset For Success

biblical business principles scaling up Jul 22, 2022


When it comes to business, as business owners, we often focus heavily on the R.O.I. (return of investment), which is rightly so, to ensure we are good stewards of the resources in hand.


However, we sometimes forget WHO is the one who gave us the vision and provision for our business in the 1st place; hence R.O.O. is greater than R.O.I. Then in the process of pursuing our desired success, there is one critical mindset that caused us to get stuck is revealed in this video. To find out what it is, check out today's video! :)


  • [00:00] - Introduction
  • [00:31] - Back to Basics - ROI
  • [00:53] - However you need to think about ROO
  • [02:18] - 1 of the most overlooked elements that you need to have....drum roll please
  • [03:48] - Thanks for watching


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