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intentional productivity leadership speaking & communication Jun 03, 2018

June 3, 2018 by Kelly

This episode is a starting of something new + bold. After interviewing a few dozen experts and influencers in this podcast, I sensed God’s tapping on my shoulder and asked: So when are you going to come out from behind the curtain and lead?  You see, I have been hiding in a very subtle way. It’s much easier to “shadow behind” others’ creditability than demonstrate my own. Don’t get me wrong, I am a result-oriented coach, so much so, my clients gave me a nickname: Butt-Kicker Coach, I will see through till they get the result they wanted:) still I found myself to resist showing up under the spotlight. 

Last Sunday, I was one of the 12 chosen Popup Talk Speakers at TEDx Basel Switzerland.  My topic was “Have you been selfish?”  Basically, I shared a personal story to encourage the audience to step out and shine, don’t hold back.  I have received so many positive feedback and got invited to apply for the main stage in the coming year by the organizers.     

Can you see how ironic this sounds? I know, I know, you’ve never done this like I did—very good as a cheerleader on the side, but not willing to be a player on the field.  Or have you as well? Ouch!   

So no more, from now on, in between the gem-packed expert interviews, I am creating more solo shows, they will be short and sweet, and impactful. 

It includes mind-bending thoughts to challenge you, and practical marketing strategies, such as how to price your offers, how to structure a covering sales page, etc to empower you.  The content will be also distributed to Alexa as “Arise With Kelly” Flash Briefing.   

So are you with me? Let’s arise together! I’d say we are ready for the stage! The stage which God has destined for us to take, so we can create much more impact and influence!   

Let me leave this with you today: Don't let the past define you, determine to take control of your presence to create the future you want!

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