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June 1, 2021 by Kelly

Are you struggling to connect with potential clients?

You are most definitely not alone! Luckily for you, our guest today gives us more than a few tips and insights on why storytelling is a big part of business today, but why we've doing it wrong.

Lisa McGuire is a business growth consultant, certified business coach, business storyteller, speaker, podcaster, and award-winning communicator. Lisa’s love for knowledge led her to start her career in education and she went on to become one of the founders of a very successful college-prep, Christian school. When Lisa realized her gifts no longer fit into someone else’s script, she took the leap to launch her own business in 2018. She helps coaches, consultants, and service-providers differentiate by integrating who they are into their business through strategy and storytelling.

So as you can see, she knows her stuff! In this episode, we delve into her journey from founding a Christian college-prep school to founding her business and how in order to be successful, we need to know what our God-given gifts are and integrate them into our business.

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas , so let's get to it! 


Learn How You Can Master Storytelling and Integrate Yourself Into Your Business ...

  • [03:32] Lisa shares her entrepreneurial journey and what her turning point was that caused her to start her own business
  • [08:45] Why storytelling is one of the oldest and best ways to communicate with people
  • [09:46] The 2 stories that you need to be telling
  • [11:41] Lisa shares how to craft that story to resonate with your target audience
  • [14:23] The answer to - How do we as entrepreneurs get more comfortable and confident revealing the more vulnerable parts of ourselves with our audience?
  • [16:22] How an entrepreneur can integrate who they are into their marketing/business


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