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April 20, 2021 by Kelly

Do you feel that you know your mission in life?

One of the most regular google searches is about finding the meaning of life and finding your calling in life. We hear it all the time that you should follow your passions and that way you will never work a day in your life. To some extent that is true! However, how do you find a way to make your passion a money maker for you? 

In this episode with John Ramstead, we will get a sneak peek at his upcoming book, On Purpose with Purpose and the journey that John went on in order to find which questions you need to ask yourself in order to find your true north and how to get there. You may think that this is another one of those cheesy self-help books, but after this interview with John, we think you'll feel differently! 


About John

John is a keynote speaker and trainer, former combat Navy fighter pilot, leadership coach and international podcast host. John was named by Inc. Magazine as one of “The Top 12 Podcasts Leaders Need to Listen To.” It is John’s purpose and joy to launch individuals, companies, and government organizations into their full potential.

John’s journey started when the U.S. Navy accepted him into flight school to become a Naval Aviator. The day he pinned on his Wings of Gold and received orders to fly the F- 14 was the culmination of a dream he held since childhood. He went on to fly combat missions in Iraq and was selected to attend TOPGUN.

After his Navy career, John became an entrepreneur. He was part of three tech startups, was on a Fortune 500 management team, board chair on two nonprofits he founded, and has held many other leadership positions.


Learn About John's Path to Finding His True North after Recovering From 23 Surgeries...

  •  John tells how he and his family are dealing with catching COVID and the resulting effects from it 
  • Why Tigger from Winnie the Pooh is a great role model for your outlook on life  :)
  • Why it is important to try regardless if you succeed or not
  • John's horse riding accident and how that lead to 23 surgeries
  • John's journey from the military to corporate
  • John gives us some insights into his book: On Purpose with Purpose
  • Why hope is the most important thing to have


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