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April 27, 2021 by Kelly

Are you struggling to figure out what to post on social media to get more engagement with your audience?

You are most definitely not alone! Luckily for you, our guest today gives us more than a few tips and insights on how we can utilize social media and increase our influence through authentic personal branding. 

Lauren V Davis isn't just another marketing consultant. She has received US Senate recognition for her passionate dedication to helping businesses succeed and her expert social media advice has been featured in articles by Huffington Post, Readers Digest, as well as over a dozen podcast episodes including Build Your Network with Travis Chappell (Top 25 Business Category Podcast) and Brand You Podcast with Mike Kim (#1 Personal Branding Category Podcast on iTunes). 

So as you can see, she  knows her stuff! In this episode, we delve into her journey of entrepreneurship and how she founded a record store with her husband which then lead her to becoming a marketing guru.  Along the way, we  discuss how people long for authentic connections and that in order to grow your business and your standing both in on and off-line channels, you need to know your identity. Sound familiar?  ;)  

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas , so let's get to it! 


Learn How Lauren Utilized Small Business Concepts to Build a Successful Personal Brand...

  • [03:15] Lauren explains how  she and her husband started their record store during the last recession in the USA and kept it thriving 
  • [16:52] How to build authentic  business relationships and build your network
  • [18:54] Why Lauren says that the marketing industry is shifting away from automations and back again to authentic connections 
  • [20:32] The best way to develop your business
  • [27:33] #1 thing that Lauren has noticed that people get stuck on when doing social media for business
  • [29:21] Lauren shares a few ideas on what to post and what not to post


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