I just turned 50 in November 2017.

My Jubilee year,  so as for Israel.  By accident? I don't think so.  I have been wrestling with God for the longest time….which is not my norm. 

In my over 20 years’ walk with God by then, generally I obeyed swiftly, not because I am so spiritual or holy, but because it’s the way I have lived since I was saved.

I stumbled to start my business officially in 2008, I have served corporate executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs across three continents, in different cultures and of various faith backgrounds.  And I have been well rewarded and genuinely happy about my achievement.

It happened on Nov 9, 2012, at 5am in our Vegas home's kitchen on my birthday. 

I take communion with God on my birthdays and I was about to begin my ritual. 

As I opened the Bible, I sensed a heavy presence behind me, I thought my husband had come downstairs to wish me happy birthday.

The presence was so “real”, I had to turn around and ready to greet my husband.

He wasn’t there, but the presence still was!

I knew right then— I am in ‘trouble'!

I heard Abba say: Happy Birthday, Kelly!

I replied in my heart: Thank you, Abba:) 

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.


God asked: What do you want for your birthday, Kelly?

There were so many thoughts burning in my heart and mind…

Three days earlier, as a family- my husband and our 2 young kids wrote a letter to God, asking HIM for a breakthrough we needed in life: things such as salvation of certain family members and close friends, healing for some, improvement in our financial situation, a clear path for career advancement – even for a new washing machine!  

So when the question came, part of my being wanted to scream out: “Well, how about that letter?”

But, somehow I held back….

I thought: IF, just IF, this is the only chance I can ask what I want from Abba, I’d better think twice, maybe even three times…


This is what came out from my mouth:

Father, if YOU could give King Solomon wisdom, then I’d like to have it, too! And not only for me, also for my husband and kids as well.  

Whew! I felt relieved and extremely nervous at the same time as I finished the sentence.

Then I saw and sensed the biggest grin ever on HIS face!

“Well done, Kelly! It’s granted! AND those items on the letter as well:)” 

(In less than three weeks, each single item on that piece of paper we wrote came to pass!)

“Abba, thank you! There’s no word to express my gratitude.   Is there anything I can do for YOU?” 

(I know it sounds silly, who am I can do anything for the almighty God?!  But it just flew out naturally from me.) 


“Yes, actually I have something in mind.  Do you love me, Kelly?”

Now, I was physically trembling, I had to hold onto the kitchen counter to be able to stand still!

“Lord, You know I do, and can we skip the other two questions?   Please just tell me what YOU want me to do.” 

(Remember Peter’s 3 times denials and Jesus used 3 questions to restore him back to the rightful relationship with God?)

With an almost stern voice, I heard, “Kelly, I need you to feed my sheep in the marketplace.” 

I was pondering, then I decided to plead:

“Sure, God! Look at this list, I am ALREADY helping Christians in their business…” (I do have other lists that don't include Christians:  I didn’t want to offend anyone, and I wanted to keep my market wider.)

Then Father was quiet…

(Ooh, how I hate the silence of Him: normally it means He is not happy of what I said.)

More silent moments between us…

I gave in!


“I’m sorry, Abba! Please go on and tell me what YOU meant?”

“Kelly, I understand you are in transition, the family is about to relocate to Thailand, after you guys go home.  I need you to go bolder and larger scale to mentor my kids in the marketplace.  You have been serving both inside the church wall and outside in the marketplace.  I’ve equipped you on how to impact lives wherever you go. —Kingly anointing in the marketplace with grace.  But there are many of my kids who don’t know how to operate properly in the marketplace with my principles.  Either they give in, compromise or remain stuck circling the mountains!

I’ve taught you how to love the unloveable, expect disapproval but stand firmed on your ground.  I need you to gather my Esthers and Josephs, and equip them to meet their own “kings” in the marketplace!  So together, we can create the true marketplace revival!”

I have to step out of my comfort zone to declare I mentor Christian entrepreneurs; not just Christians, but the mature ones – the ones who have been ‘around the block' in life and their careers, who have walked with God and yet still carry unfulfilled dreams and a calling inside themselves.  These people know they have to do something now, or go to the grave less than fulfilled. 


It's surely a MISSION field for me, not just a business. 🙂 

If only for business, I’d keep the net wide.

Is that YOU? 



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