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April 8, 2021 by Kelly

Why are you running your business?

Why did you start your business? There is no right or wrong reason, but for many new entrepreneurs, the why behind what they do, helps them get through those rough patches.

Christian entrepreneurs in general are fairly afraid to be seen because they feel that God should have the spotlight, which is true. However, as Ian Anderson Gray talks about in the first half of this episode, we need to do what we do in order to glorify God, otherwise how can God have the credit if we don't build up our businesses? Part of building up our businesses is through social media and live video (Ian's speciality).

Michelle Mays, our second guest on this episode didn't think she would end up in the luxury wedding planning business, yet here she is as one of the best! However God didn't leave her hanging after she received that calling from Him, He sent her the right people to help her understand all the various components of working in the marketplace and helped her find a tribe that would help her and encourage her along the way. If God can do that for her, why wouldn't He do that for you?

This episode reminds us all that while God plays a big part in our businesses, we shouldn't be hiding our talents away, we all have a niche to serve, people we are called to serve and it would be selfish of us to not heed that call. Additionally, He is always looking out for us and will send us who/what we need when we need it.

Note: This mini series will have episodes uploaded every day from March 27th until April 17th, so check back daily to hear first-hand stories from different Christian entrepreneurs about how they heeded God's call and what happened after they took that first step....


Key Lessons From This Episode...

  • [Ian] Figure out who you are doing it for and why you are doing it. 
  • [Ian] Christian entrepreneurs are afraid of being seen. However, we do what we need to do in order to glorify God. It’s not about us, but about the people we serve. 
  • [Ian] You need to go out there and give the message that God gave you. 
  • [Michelle] God will help you and send people to help you understand.
  • [Michelle] He will confirm what He told you along the way.
  • [Michelle] It may not happen overnight, it could happen overnight, do the first steps and let God handle the rest.


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