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April 9, 2021 by Kelly

How do you overcome the doubts that pop up when running your business?

As our first guest can tell you it is helpful to go back and remind yourself of what God promised you. Craig Pickerill knows what it's like to have God interrupt his life and change his business around. Yet, as we all know, starting a business is never easy and there are no shortcuts. However, if we are obedient to what God calls us to do, He will send the people to give us wise counsel and encourage us.

After an accident that changed her whole life around, Dori found herself going against the naysayers and starting a business that most would find unusual - drum therapy. As she tells us in this episode, God always chooses the most unlikely person to rise up, so if you hear that calling or you feel that doubt coming in, remind yourself that He has a bigger plan and you are placed exactly where He wants you.  

Note: This mini series will have episodes uploaded every day from March 27th until April 17th, so check back daily to hear first-hand stories from different Christian entrepreneurs about how they heeded God's call and what happened after they took that first step....


Key Lessons From This Episode...

  • [Craig] He came to the point where he had to decide to stay in his comfort zone or rely on God.
  • [Craig] To overcome his doubts/challenges, he wrote down what God promised him so he could always go back and be reassured. 
  • [Dori] Sometimes you need to take a step back to assess what is going on.
  • [Dori] What you need for yourself, is what you’re going to use to bless others with. 
  • [Dori] Don’t give up hope, rise up and shine!


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