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May 26, 2019 by Kelly

Are you curious as to how you can one day launch your own conference? 

Then this is the place to be! In this episode, I interview one of my members in the CCLH (Christian CEO Learning Hall) who is launching her own conference! Katrina Douglas is a Chartered Marketer, author, consultant & trainer who helps purpose-driven business leaders gain momentum. She creates marketing strategies for businesses that provide a clear roadmap to their goals, and ensure that every marketing activity they engage in has a purpose and is part of a well-oiled and effective marketing machine.


Learn About Katrina's Journey to Launch Her Legacy Conference in the UK...

  • How God connected us
  • Her journey from a corporate career until now
  • How she describes her tribe
  • How she stepped out to the water as God leads to launch her legacy conference
  • The transparent sharing about the obstacle in this process of launching the conference and how she overcame them


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