How to Walk By Faith - The Journey from $11K to $500K and Beyond with Cliff Ravenscraft

biblical business principles finance & wealth Jul 26, 2016

July 26, 2016 by Kelly

Do you feel that you are called to start a business, but don't know how to combine faith and business together? 

It can seem unusual, but we are here to tell you that it is more than doable! 

Today’s guest is Cliff Ravenscraft, and chances are you may heard his podcast, aka “The Podcast Answer Man.” Not only is his podcast generally in the Top 10 of his category, but most of the Top 100 podcasts are clients or students of his, as well! So you can see, that he has plenty of first-hand experience and knows all about leaving a career in corporate to start his own business.

It can be tricky, trying to balance both faith and business in the marketplace, but we’re going to show you how because of one man, thousands of lives have been changed because of His Faith Walk with God through the business he started. 


Learn How Faith and Business Works Together...

  • Cliff explains how he became the well-known Podcast Answer Man and his role as a mentor to people in both business and faith journeys
  • How his faith in God brought him from a promising career in insurance to pursue his hobby of podcasting as a full-time job 
  • The impact of starting this business had on his family and how they got through that tough first year
  • Cliff elaborates on his thoughts about seeking advice from others 
  • How Cliff promotes his business and how he views sales 
  • He gives his #1 advice tip to fellow entrepreneurs


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