Three Key Principles To Build A Profitable Personal Brand

Aug 09, 2021

August 8, 2021 by Kelly

Do you feel the market is saturated with coaches & consultants, and your brand is getting lost in the shuffle?

So I created this video to share with you the three essential principles- the 3Ps that will help you get positioned strategically and allow you to build not just a profitable but impactful personal brand.

Every single one of us is already unique as we all have different backgrounds and stories to share. However, time and time again, I see people trying to copy other successful people's personalities, but that's not who they are. As one of my friends and Youtube Influencer, Sean Cannell, said, "Do NOT fake it until you make it."  This piece of advice may sound contrary to everything you have heard, but once you know what the three principles are, it will make more sense. :)


Here are the 3Ps to Build a Thriving Personal Brand:

  1. Point of View (Perspectives) - Stand firm on what you believe and share in love!
  2. Personality - Do NOT copy what you see
  3. Presence - How much time do you spend doing front/backstage activities?


1. [Point of View (Perspectives)]:

You need to let them know what you are standing for.

If you don't stand for something, you are not standing for anything.

It means your position is so "blurred" and "blended in" with others.  It's hard for your audience to find you and resonate with you.


2. [Personality]:

Each one of us is wired uniquely by our Creator.  When you show up as the real with, whether it's bubbly, fun, quiet, serious, energetic, etc., the tribe God has prepared for you to serve would be attracted by it.  

The problem comes if you try to copy what others are doing, it's like put a layer of filter on; the real you only appear partially.   It's a trap to then get into the comparison game and imposter syndrome.   If you do so, it slows down your journey as you are distracted by others' calling. 

3. [Presence]:

Visibility is a responsibility.

Can you imagine if Jesus didn't show up to preach or reach out in places?

How would people know about the gospel and Him?


💡There are two main activities you need to do for your business:

  • Front of the Stage: You appear in front of your audience's presence.
  • Back of the Stage: You are doing the work to prepare or serve your audience. 


Ask yourself this question: In percentage-wise, how much time do you spend front of your people? Versus the time you work behind the scene to plan and produce content for your audience and clients?

Your business needs both to thrive. 


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